Friday, July 10, 2009

My Day is Looking Up.

What a wonderful day! Just found out I won the New honestech Video Editor 8.0. from The Dirty Shirt. Here is a link to the blog.

Also, I just received my coupon for a free Sun Laundry Detergent from A Hens Nest.

My day is going a lot better now. Earlier today, I had to take my vehicle to the auto repair place for multiple problems. I still don't have it back and the repairs aren't going to be cheap.

The UPS man just drove away and left me with the Kernel Seasonings prize package from Blessings Abound. Three packages of microwave popcorn, 6 different seasonings and a good size bag of popcorn to pop! I've got my movies and getting ready to head over to my sister's to share my good fortune. This has been a wonderful Friday. Also, I got my vehicle back and it runs soooo much better.


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